What is The Continuum?

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9,999 NFTs, each work as unique as a fingerprint. No two members of the struggle are alike.  

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In Depth Designs

Hundreds of high quality art assets and dozens of complex backgrounds used to create this ambitious project.  Every trait will have up to 20 rarity levels.

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Almost No Gas Fees

Linked to the Polygon Network, this ensures basically no gas fees on transactions like minting, buying, and selling on secondary markets. It's also environmentally friendly!   

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Before we can take over the metaverse, we have to take back our world!

              TIMELINE: Back to Basics
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Every corner of the NFT world will be reached by our dispatches. No one will be unaware of the project.
  • MARKETING AND GIVEAWAYS: The hype train will be relentless with daily videos and giveaways posted everywhere.
  • LAUNCH: Shortly after the announcement is the mint, we're storming the system. 
  • REVEAL: 3 days after the mint, we have a reveal event.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH: Daily posts including videos continue months after mint, further increasing value.